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MAY-24, 2013
Press Release
VT Shipping-Oil America
  • This is to optimize the supply of bunker to ships
  • Companies are committed to provide a total quality service

Oil America, Inc. / VT Shipping

The Panamanian company Oil America, Inc. concluded an important agreement with the Dutch company VT Shipping International to acquire and bring to Panama two modern barges, 7-thousand MT each, which will be used to supply bunker to ships that cross the Panama Canal.

The agreement was made at a meeting held at the offices of VT Shipping, located on Avenida Balboa between the CEO of the Dutch company, CJA Groenewold, who recently traveled to Panama, and Ricardo Avila, General Manager of Oil America.

VT Shipping launching operation in Panama
VT Shipping:
Launching in Panamá, 2009

The CEO of VT Shipping about the transfer of the 2 barges to Panama.

Groenewold welcomed the agreement and said the intention of the company is to bring the barges through the modality of a lease and operation contract of the equipment for a period of five years, after which Oil America has the option to acquire and operate barges.

The first barge should be coming to Panama in December of this year and will be designed to operate in the Pacific. The second should arrive in August 2014 and operated on the Atlantic side.

Ricardo Avila said, when asked about his expectations that such agreement will bring to Panama two first class barges designed to meet the Oil America’s clientele that includes major shipping companies, primarily from Northern Europe. "With this agreement, -said Avila- our company concludes a long journey that will ensure our clients supply of marine fuels and lubricants with total quality, based on the products of the major oil companies in the region and a company awarded the Panama Maritime Shipping Award for the excellence of its services".

Both companies have expressed their commitment to bring the supply of bunkers in Panama towards total quality, in accordance with ISO 9000 and subsequently raise them to ISO 2012, for which the Dutch company will provide the required assistance to the Panamanian.