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JUN-27, 2013
Press Release
Oil America - mensual Shareholder Meeting - 07-06-2013
Monthly Meeting of Oil America

Oil America, Inc.

The General Manager of Oil America, Ricardo Avila, spoke before a large monthly meeting of Shareholders and Partners of the Company, held at the Hotel Riu in Panama, highlighting the progresses made, the strategic Pact with the Chinese firm SINOCONST for the development of a plant for liquefying gas from coke and coal, and the agreements made with business people from Costa Rica and Dominican Republic to create Costa Rican and Dominican subsidiaries of our parent company.

-These agreements -Avila said- occur as part of the implementation of the Pyramid of Excellence which Oil America started in our previous monthly meeting, and now with the onset of the ISO 9001 Quality Management, whose submission and instrumentation is carried out by Dr. Marco Calderon, Industrial Psychologist for Human Resource Management.

Oil America - mensual Shareholder Meeting - 07-06-2013 Oil America - mensual Shareholder Meeting - 07-06-2013

Then Dr. Calderon made a brief presentation highlighting the importance of assuming and fulfilling the 8 Principles on which the ISO 9001 Quality Management is based on, and stated that "an organization that implements the ISO 9001 Norms, but that does not follow these principles, will not get even half of the Proceeds ".

Calderon said the leaders of the organization must establish unity of purpose and direction, create the conditions for employees to engage with the objectives of the organization, but that in the end it's the company's staff with their commitment and skills that are ensuring the success of management.

He emphasized that the company depends on its customers and therefore should understand their needs, meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Calderon explained that continuous performance improvement has to be a permanent objective, that management and employees must constantly analyze the progress of the company in order to maintain and correct the course based on concrete facts and information, implementing processes and systems that ensure efficiency and achievement of the company's objectives.

He concluded by stressing the importance of schemes based on win win, for "mutually beneficial relations of the company and their clients increase the ability of both to create value."

At the end of the meeting, Happy Birthday was song, honoring the Manager Ricardo Avila and a delicious lunch was provided for the delegates prepared by the restaurant of the Hotel Riu, Panama.