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JUL-09, 2013
Martinelli in Venezuela
Both Presidents agree

official Panama News

The presidents of Venezuela and Panama agreed to call successful the visit of President Martinelli to Venezuela.

-If I could rate this working meeting I would say it was excellent -said the Venezuelan leader- who noted that Martinelli acted "always with frankness".

The Panamanian President commented that "nearly 30% of exports" in the Colon Free Zone in Panama, "one of the world's most important" go to the Venezuelan market and therefore the importance of the creation of a commission to help to "deepen", "increase" and "improve" the trade between the two countries.

Martinelli in Venezuela

Maduro said a bilateral commission has been established that will be responsible for working on the issues that have to do with the business relationship, tax procedures, customs "and to ease out the way of trade and the development of economic and trade relationships more dynamic".

The host president said that "Panama is a reliable provider for the Venezuelan market" and therefore his government wants to maintain "good relations, straight forward, dynamic and permanent". Furthermore, Maduro informed about signing an agreement that the Venezuelan airline Conviasa can go to Panama and from there extend its commercial services to Central America and even Mexico. "With this agreement,” he said, "the Panamanian airline Copa will also have more frequencies (of flights) for various Venezuelan cities.”

The Panamanian President announced that he used the opportunity to invite Maduro to the Iberoamerican Summit to be held in Panama on the 18th and 19th October, meeting "where all dignitaries from Latin America, Canada, Spain and Portugal will attend." He also informed that he has requested support from Venezuela for Panama to be the new headquarters of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), a mechanism of regional cooperation and coordination established in December 2011 in Caracas. During the allocution transmitted by TV the Venezuelan leader said the headquarters of CELAC to be installed in Panama would resume the line of Amphyctionic Congress of Panama, created by liberator Simon Bolivar in 1826, and which promoted the creation of a confederation of Latin American peoples.